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Checking Up: Were You Watching burner/reichart on TVW

Earlier tonight I was enjoying reading the Seattle Times* while eating dinner with the burner-reichart debate playing in the background. This bit of multitasking was not all that hard as the candidates were dramatically content free. About halfway through the debate this blissful time was interrupted by the phone which would have been fine had it been a friend calling. But no, it was the fine folks at Meyer Teleservices who note on their website: Our goal is to reach out, in a friendly personal manner, using the telephone to engage prospects in a one-to-one conversation with immediate results. They...


Who Does reichart Represent?

The 5/30 King County Journal has a generally positive article on dave reichart’s (R-Wa, 8th District) first five months in office and notes: He has raised more than $250,000 in contributions from special interest groups, according to the online PoliticalMoneyLine — the most of anyone in the state’s congressional delegation. But he has lost at least one check because of a particular vote he took, one that he wouldn’t specify. In his mind, no strings are attached to the cash needed to run a winning campaign. Or so he says. If reichart is going to truely represent the people of...